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Wait, there's more!

We really do appreciate you travelling for our special day.
Whatever duration you decide to do, that’ll be fine with us, we’re just happy you can make it!

As we’ve mentioned, we’ll be there from the 19th to the 24th May; to extend our celebrations a little more, we would like to invite you to catch up and enjoy each other’s company at a couple more events.

With daily flights from Manchester, there is lots of flexibility for your holiday.

Please see our intended schedule below to help you plan.




Sun 19th May

Mon 20th May

Welcome Evening

See update below

Tue 21st May

Wed 22nd May

The big day - see
The Wedding Day
for more info.

Fri 24th May

Thu 23rd May

A relaxed day out:
if you fancy it... 

See update below

Sat 25th May

Whilst you are there, we encourage you to get out on the lake and explore the beauty, the food and culture of it all.

It truly is magnifica!

Welcome Evening

New update

Monday 20th May


If you're in Bellagio, please join us for an Italian dinner; what better way to start the celebrations.

Monday 20th May 

Seta Hotel, Restaurant and Bar

3 Course Set Menu (Pasta!)

Smart Casual

Seta logo_edited.png
We'd love to see you all there, please let us know if you can't make it.

If you're still around the day after the wedding, we've planned to have a relaxing day out, nothing formalised and not too early, just a laid back day on the lake.

We plan to start by heading into Bellagio for a coffee,

before hopping on a ferry to travel to one of the other towns on the lake.

Where? Perhaps Varenna, Menaggio or Como


You may have other plans and that's completely fine, you'll be on your holidays!

A relaxed day out

New update

Thursday 23rd May

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