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The Wedding Day

The big day is approaching!

By now you may be thinking a little more about your schedule for your trip and how the wedding day will unfold.

This page is here to help explain some of the finer details of the big day!

We've also included some useful tips at the bottom of this page too.

Meeting point
& Transportation

Bellagio, Lago di Como, Italy.

Wednesday 22nd May 2024

We have arranged for three private venetian water taxis to chauffeur you to and from Villa del Balbianello. 

These will leave from the boat jetty opposite the
‘Souvenir D'Italie’ shop (between bar San Remo and
Hotel Splendide) in Bellagio.

Please can all guests arrive here by 3pm.
Our boats will be departing promptly, so if you're late, you're swimming!

There's a map below to help, if you click/tap the red pin you can open Google Maps.

Schedule for the big day!



Guests ready to depart.



Guest boats arrive at Villa del Balbianello.






Aperitivo and views!



Speeches and Dinner.



Cake cutting and desert table.



First dance.

Our fleet of venetian water taxis will depart Villa del Balbianello for Bellagio at 23:30. 

Buona notte


Tips & Requests

  • Taxis – we just wanted to say, there are no local taxis or uber in Bellagio as most journeys tend to be very short. We recommend getting in touch with your hotel or host as soon as possible to arrange any taxis for longer journeys on the other days of your holiday if needed. Please also bear this in mind for the wedding day.

Travel light, enjoy the day!
  • You’re our V.I.P. there’s no need to bring your invite on the day.

  • If you have kindly bought us a card, please bring these to the Welcome Evening and not on the day.

  • Unfortunately, due to the historical importance of our venue and its immaculate gardens, our wedding planner has informed us that confetti is not allowed. 

  • If you plan on bringing flip flops, this is totally fine, but please refrain from getting these puppies out until your dancing feet can take no more and we’re on our way to board the boats to come home.

  • We kindly request you refrain from using your mobile phone during the ceremony, and if you could remove any sunglasses too, that would be perfect. We want you to enjoy being present in the moment and so our photographer can capture your beautiful faces.

Thank you!

It means the world to us that you will be there to share our special day, thank you for your support, encouragement, love, laughter and excitement that you have brought to our lives during this time.

It really does mean the world to us; see you Italy!

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