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You know a little bit about our wedding venue, but let us tell you a bit more about where to stay. We’ve toured the lake, looking for the most beautiful and captivating places to stay, but also the most convenient and relaxed for your holiday. We’ve been to all the villages and most of the hotels; ruling out the too sleepy, and the more …interesting décor.
And now we’ve made up our minds…


We fell in love with Bellagio

A romantic, idyllic and elegant village at the centre of the lake. Conveniently located in the middle of the ‘Golden Triangle’, between the picturesque Varenna and charming Menaggio; and so, this is where we will be staying

and we would love it if you would too (it would also be rather convenient 😉).

As you know, Villa del Balbianello is only accessible by boat; so for our wedding day we will have our own private transfer(s). These will depart from Bellagio, and at the end of the night, this is where they will return to. The exact location and time will be confirmed at a later date, keep an eye out for a notification.

Hotel Belvedere 4*

Of the many hotels we visited in May, the Hotel Belvedere (Bel-vi-dé-ri) stood out, thanks to their friendly welcome, modern décor, and great customer service. The hotel has a variety of room types with 60 rooms and 4 apartments.

We felt this is the best option in Bellagio, and so, we will be staying here from the 19th to the 24th May 2024; and we’d love for you to stay with us. We have arranged a discounted rate for our guests which we hope will help to lessen the cost of your holiday. Please click here for more information

We completely understand if you would be more comfortable staying elsewhere.

We’ve included some alternative hotels in Bellagio below with a variety of options for price and style. We have of course researched them and briefly visited them during our trip. We feel that these are the better hotels in Bellagio and will be suitable for all needs/tastes.

We don’t have any arrangements with these hotels so feel free to book whenever you would like. Just remember that it’s a popular area – don’t wait too long!
Hotel Du Lac 3*
  • 42 Rooms

  • Relatively modern décor

  • Roof top terrace | Great views of the lake | Convenient for the ferry port

  • 9min walk to Hotel Belvedere

Seta Hotel 3*
  • 8 Rooms

  • Modern décor (Boutique Hotel above their restaurant)

  • Just off the main lakeside street of Bellagio

  • 10min walk to Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Splendide 3*
  • 42 Rooms

  • Traditional décor

  • Great views of the lake | Convenient for the ferry port

  • 8min walk to Hotel Belvedere

There are also many other hotels, Airbnb's and Vrbo's nearby, so if none of these are to your taste, feel free to look for something else.


Bellagio is equidistant from Milan’s two main airports Malpensa and Bergamo; taking around 1hr 30mins in a car. 
RYANAIR serves both airports, with easyJet serving just Malpensa. 
Both airlines operate daily flights from Manchester; which gives you plenty of options.

Currently, there are no flights from Leeds Bradford.

Tom’s preference is to fly to Malpensa airport, as the section of the journey to/from the lake (before the beautiful scenery) is on tolled motorways and more relaxing, whereas the route to/from Bergamo is via an ‘A-road’ and therefore more stop/start.

Getting around

There are two ways to get to the lake, car or train.

Whether its via a hire car, or private transfer, this is the most convenient way to get to Bellagio.


There are two train stations on the lake, in the towns of Como and Varenna. However, to reach Bellagio, you would need another mode of transport for the final leg of your journey.

Then once you're there

Lake Como is served by lots of boats and ferries, making it really easy to get around and visit all the sights once you're there.

Overall, we’d recommend getting a transfer from the airport and making the most of the ferries.
But please feel free to ask us any questions!
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