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K & T

As you all know we have been together for quite a while, we were both 18 when we first met through a mutual friend; but I think we both knew there was something special between us right from the start. 

Then 14 years passed, spending every available minute together. We’ve both graduated from university and started our careers; we bought our first home together and have even become amateur gardeners. Our biggest love is to travel and we have been lucky enough to have lots of travel adventures, making unforgettable and lasting memories that we will treasure forever. 

This love of travel and visiting new places probably always meant we were open to the thought of having a destination wedding. However, before that, there was a holiday to New York, where unbeknown to Kathryn, Tom had big plans…


The Pond, Central Park, New York.

27th April 2022

The day started with a bicycle ride around Central Park, before Tom suggested a Starbucks and a walk back around the park. A trip to the famous fountain preceded finding that 'perfect' photo shot of the New York skyline.


After lots of spots that weren't quite right; Tom was running out of park. Then, at a quiet spot on the bank of The Pond, Tom went down on one knee and asked the big question?

IMG_3036 - Copy_edited.jpg


And then of course came our search for the perfect wedding venue...

We boarded a plane in October 2022 on a secret research trip to the Italian lakes.

With an open mind, we just wanted to see what was possible; and then we found Villa del Balbianello!

And now, we look forward to our wedding day with lots of love and happiness;
and sharing it with you would make it all the more special. 

Meet you in Italy
Ci vediamo in Italia

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